MER Commercial Diving Division
Emergency Response: 888-233-5338


Due to the amount of underwater construction, inspection, and repair projects MER Commercial Diving Division performs, we have a large amount of specialty equipment to support daily operations. MER Commercial Diving is fully equipped to meet your needs!

MER Commercial Diving’s extensive inventory or equipment includes:

  • Decompression chambers
  • Equipment for mixed gas and nitrox diving
  • Underwater closed circuit TV systems
  • All types of hydraulic tools and pneumatic tools and equipment
  • Dredging equipment
  • Shugart sectional barges with hydraulic spuds
  • Truckable A-frame lift barge
  • Truckable conex units with built-in dive stations to securely store equipment at jobsites if needed
  • Workboats with built-in dive stations
  • Inspection, ROV, and NDT equipment
  • Side scan/sector scan sonar equipment
  • Hydrographic survey equipment
  • Shugart sectional barges with hydraulic spuds
  • Underwater cutting and welding equipment
  • 30 ton rough terrain crane which will fit on the Shugart barges
  • Plus more!