MER Commercial Diving Division
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Potable Water Intake Pipeline Inspection

MER Commercial Diving Division (formerly Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc.) was contracted by a construction company to perform a visual and tactile inspection of the interior of a potable water intake pipe at a water treatment plant in Tennessee.

For the inspection, MER Diving mobilized a 14-man dive crew, where up to six divers were utilized for pipe penetration and inspection work. Four divers were employed to function as in-water tenders at various junctures of the pipe. One diver was employed to function as the inspection diver who surveyed the full length of the pipe up to the butterfly valve, and one diver was also employed to function as the standby diver.

MER Diving's dive crew accessed the 42” line through two separate hatches sized 18” x 24” and penetrated over 1000’ in order to find a leak in the pipeline. 

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