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Coal Pier Repair & Modifications

A construction company was hired as the prime contractor to provide repairs and modifications to the Norfolk Southern Lambert's Point Coal Pier in Norfolk, VA. Lambert's Point is the home of the Norfolk Southern's Pier 6, the largest coal transloading facility in the United States. 

Due to the facility running 24 hours and remaining operational during the project, MER Commercial Diving Division's Charleston, SC office was hired as the subcontractor to provide all underwater marine construction services. 

For nine months, the project consisted of various diving services including driving sheet piles, filling 900 yards of grout underwater, placing 300 4'x12' grout bags, performing underwater surveys, assisting with directional drilling, underwater welding and burning, custom fabrication as well as many other underwater tasks. 

This project was completed with a total of thirteen dive crew members and a near total of 400 dives were also completed during the project. 

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