MER Commercial Diving Division
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Pipeline Services

Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. (MCDI) is equipped and experienced to perform all types of pipeline inspection, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and construction work including work on DOT regulated pipelines. Our inspection capabilities include diver/underwater video inspection, sonar imaging inspections, and hydrographic surveys. In addition, we have underwater pipe trackers to allow the dive crew to follow a buried pipe. We also have push and crawler cameras for internal pipe inspections.

We have installed all types of pipe including HDPE, ductile iron, and carbon steel for water intakes, outfalls, and river crossings, and have the equipment necessary to perform these large scale projects.

MCDI performs pipeline projects for clients including:

  • Government agencies
  • Engineering firms
  • Construction companies
  • Industrial facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Private firms

Internal Pipe Inspection Services

MCDI has the equipment and expertise to internally inspect smaller pipes of 2" diameter and larger with either our robotic crawler camera system or push camera system. Large diameter pipes can be inspected via manned penetration or by our remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Pipeline Inspection Services

MCDI can provide qualified dive crews to inspect areas of exposure and perform a visual and/or tactile inspection of any exposed portions of the pipe and its coating.  MCDI can also provide an extensive pipeline inspection report including drawings and hydrographic soundings encountered. Any underwater video footage obtained during the inspection can also be provided to the client.

For inspection and repair work on DOT regulated pipelines, MCDI DOT-OQ personnel are certified through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Additionally, MCDI meets all required National Compliance Management Service (NCMS)-DOT-PHMSA regulations.

Pipeline Cleaning Services

MDCI can clean pipelines and other structures with our trailer-mounted O’Brien water jetter, which is rated to pump up to 40 gallons per minute at 2,000 psi.

If you have any questions regarding our services, capabilities, or experience, please contact us.