MER Commercial Diving Division
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MER Commercial Diving Division 

MER Commercial Diving Division is a full-service underwater inspection, construction, maintenance, and diving company. Our major sectors served include: Utility and Petrochemical, Marine, Rail, and Government Agencies. 

MER Commercial Diving has personnel with extensive training and experience in underwater inspection and construction techniques and have successfully performed underwater inspection, construction, and maintenance projects on numerous dams, nuclear power plant facilities, large and small bridges, pipelines, water intake and outfall systems, stilling basins, mooring cells and mooring dolphins, docks, water storage tanks, wastewater treatment facilities, marine ways, and commercial vessels and barges. 

In May 2019, Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC consolidated Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. under the Moran Environmental Recovery brand to become MER Commercial Diving Division. In January 2017, MER merged Mainstream Commercial Divers out of Murray, KY with Eason Diving & Marine Contractors, Inc. located in Charleston, SC under the Mainstream brand name as a part of the MER Portfolio of Businesses. Eason Diving was acquired by MER in 2014 and Mainstream was acquired in 2015. The Charleston office is known to service clients up and down the East Coast specializing the Nuclear Power Plant industry. While Mainstream is considered one of the largest inland commercial diving companies in the United States, servicing clients in the lower forty-eight (48) states. Collectively, they have more than seventy (70) years of commercial diving expertise.  

Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) is an integrated supplier of environmental, industrial, mechanical, and commercial diving services with an unwavering commitment to industry-leading performance. MER delivers the highest level of safety, quality, and reliability to each and every client. MER is trusted by many of the nation's largest utilities, railroads, ports, and government agencies. With a culture of performance guiding every aspect of our service, MER's expert staff, specialized equipment and vast network of locations allows MER to continually meet the intense demands of industries all across North America.