MER Commercial Diving Division
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MCDI is a General Member of the Association of Diving Contractors, International (ADCI). The ADCI’s goals are to promote safety, education, and communication within the diving industry. In addition to certifying commercial divers, the ADCI publishes the most comprehensive set of safety standards for commercial diving operations, the International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations. MCDI's Vice President of Diving Operations, Craig Fortenbery is a current ADCI board and executive committee member and was actively involved in writing the newest addition of the ADCI Consensus Standards (Version 6.2). The ADCI diver certification program and the ADCI Consensus Standards are recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and OSHA.  MCDI meets or exceeds all OSHA, USCG, and the ADCI Consensus Standard requirements. MCDI utilizes only commercially certified divers (not recreationally trained SCUBA divers) and all required equipment and personnel certifications, training, and testing are kept current including dive physicals, CPR and First Aid, O2 Administration for diving accident training, breathing air tests, umbilical hose tests, pneumofathometer tests, etc. 

MCDI Leadership:

MCDI leadership is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for our employees and for our clients. Craig Fortenbery and Tom Eason have shared their many years of experience safely executing projects in order to develop our own in-house diving safe practices manual.

MCDI’s dive operations manager and diving supervisors are responsible for the implementation and adherence of MCDI’s safety program at each individual jobsite.

MCDI Culture:

MCDI has a culture of continuous employee training and improvement. All field personnel receive new hire orientation training, including safety training. Additionally, employees are provided with periodic in-house and third party safety training throughout their employment.

All near-miss accidents, non-injury accidents, and accidents with injuries are to be reported (no matter how slight) to the Dive Operations Manager, Dive Supervisor, or the General Manager immediately. This includes reporting and tagging equipment that needs repair or is a safety hazard. We expect all employees to observe all safety rules including those contained in the MCDI Safety Manual, Safe Practices Manual, and Employee Manual.

MCDI Competency


In addition to the training our divers receive at an Association of Commercial Diving Educators (ACDE) accredited commercial diving school, MCDI has its own in-house training program that fosters their continued knowledge of unique situations they will encounter in the inland diving environment.

In addition to outside training, MCDI's extensive in-house training program includes:

  • Rigging
  • First Aid/CPR and O2 Administration
  • Safe Working Procedures
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding Training
  • Contaminated Diving Procedures
  • Underwater Construction Techniques
  • Underwater Coatings Application
  • Inspection Techniques
  • Underwater Video Inspection Methods
  • Documentation of Findings

Refresher Training:

Safety topics that are covered with employees annually:

  • Accident Prevention and Investigation
  • Worker's Compensation Overview
  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Emergency Action
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Respirator Usage
  • Fire Prevention & Extinguishers
  • Forklift Safety
  • Fall Protection and Ladder Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Hazard Communication 
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders and Welding
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Electrical Tool Safety and Inspection
  • Machine Guarding
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Ergonomics
  • Process Safety Management Awareness
  • Rigging Equipment and Material Handling Overview
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Benzene Awareness
  • Lead Awareness 
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness
  • Heat and Cold Stress
  • Crane Signaling Overview
  • Working On or Over Water
  • Housekeeping 
  • Combustible & Flammable Liquids Storage/Handling

MCDI Procedures, Hazard Identification/Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Practices:

MCDI produces the following submittals/documents to ensure every job proceeds safely:

  • Dive Plan
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Daily Dive Log Forms
  • MCDI Safe Practices Manual
  • Local Emergency Plan
  • Pre-Dive Briefing (Tailgate Safety Meeting)
  • Equipment Maintenance Records
  • Diver Certifications, Physicals, etc.