MER Commercial Diving Division
Emergency Response: 888-233-5338

Marine Salvage

Marine Salvage

MER Diving has extensive experience in the salvage and recovery of sunken vessels and equipment. Our dive crews have successfully raised numerous towboats, barges, large cruisers, and houseboats as well as a multitude of other objects including:

  • Dredges
  • Construction equipment
  • Towboat rudders and wheels
  • Barges and barge covers

MER Diving salvage equipment includes:

  • Lift bags with the capability to lift over 40 tons
  • Dewatering pumps up to 8 inches
  • Custom fabricated salvage hatches
  • Patching material of all sizes

Sonar Location Equipment

We have the experience, equipment, and capability to perform side scan sonar surveys. These services help locate objects such as sunken vessels, towboat wheels, vehicles, barges, and other equipment, objects, or materials that have fallen into the water.

If you have any questions regarding our services, capabilities, or experience, please contact us.